Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Formation Morph with Place Targets

General Introduction

We can use place node as the target of agents for making our agents to form some shapes like formations or logos.

Also, we can morph our agents formation using the polygon-based place type.


  • Create 2 place nodes with the same number, by Miarmy > Placement > Create Placement Node
  • Create any polygon mesh as the target mesh (Notice: freeze the transformation of it)
  • Attach 1st place node to a polygon mesh (can be any shapes like logo text) by first selecting the place node and then the polygon mesh and then click Miarmy > Placement > Attach Range Mesh
  • Select the 1st placement node and switch to Mesh Point mode

  • Adjust the parameters of attributes "Num Of Agent" and get the correct result
  • Please notice there are 2 place nodes in below picture, 1st has been attached onto cube object and marked as target, and the 2nd is regular place node, the place marked as target will be drawn as red pointer itself.

  • Place all agents.
  • Add Logic (add default speed if there is no action to move agent forward) and make your agents to interactive with the place target:

  • <Direct Logic> > follow formation:?? and direct follow distance(??) priority 1

We can fill shape name of target node, then your agent can follow the target placer automatically by turning to it.

Also, we can fill a distance range value in which our system will ignore the locomotion and drag and put agent to the target placer smoothly.

  • Placer Formation > placer target:??? to me distance

We can use this logic to make our agent play the action which near the target placer, like "stand"

  • Our agents are following our agents

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