USD Export

Miarmy 7.5 And Above

General Introduction

You can directly export the simulated agents to USD files, then render it with any package which support USD. USD format is supported by more and more the DCC and look developement software, like Clarisse iFX, Katana, Houdini Solaris, UE4 and more. You can get benifit that



  • Make sure your agents are placed in scene, if not, you can place your agents by clicking Miarmy > Placement > Place.

  • Set up the frame range to eport the USD files in Maya timeline.

  • Set up the directory where you want the USD files to be saved in Miarmy > RENDER > Render Global, the USD Section.

  • Export the USD files by Miarmy > RENDER > USD > Setup Scene Sequence

  • Check the USD files in directory

  • Import the USD only the McdUSD.usda to other software.


Only Houdini 18 Solaris supports Skeletal Mesh bone animation procedural. So, If you’re not using Houdini 18 Solaris, please mark all of the polygon meshes as deformation objects and then export.

To setup the deformation objects, you need to select all polygon meshes and click Miarmy > RENDER > Mark Deforming Geometries > Add Deforming Attr.