Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Pairing Placement

1. Create 2 same place node (put to different node)


2. Make the same attribute:


3. Like this:


Notice: if you encounter the "global anti-overlap auto adjustment" issue, please parent one of the place node into the group:


4. Place agents out. It will like this:


5. Use mel command do following step:

a. Get each position of pair 2 agents
b. Get the center position of these 2 agents
c. Create a locator at center position
d. Parent 2 agents into locator
e. Rotate that locator by a random degree in rotate Y

f.  Un-parent all agent into world space:


import maya.cmds as cmds

import random

nbAgent = cmds.getAttr("McdPlace0.numOfAgent")

for i in range(nbAgent):
    agent0 = "McdAgent" + str(i+1)
    agent1 = "McdAgent" + str(i+nbAgent+1)
    t0 = cmds.getAttr(agent0 + ".t")
    t1 = cmds.getAttr(agent1 + ".t")
    tm_x = t0[0][0] + t1[0][0]
    tm_y = t0[0][1] + t1[0][1]
    tm_z = t0[0][2] + t1[0][2]
    aa = cmds.spaceLocator()
    loc = aa[0]
    cmds.setAttr(loc + ".tx", tm_x * .5)
    cmds.setAttr(loc + ".ty", tm_y * .5)
    cmds.setAttr(loc + ".tz", tm_z * .5)
    cmds.parent(agent0, loc)
    cmds.parent(agent1, loc)
    randF = random.random() * 360
    cmds.setAttr(loc + ".ry", randF)

    cmds.parent(agent0, w = True)

    cmds.parent(agent1, w = True)



7. Select all agents
8. Use Placement, inverse placement
9. Delete the original place node and leave the new created place node.
10. DONE!!



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