Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

What is Placement?

Placement is a process which generate agents from place node and Original Agent (OA).

The variety types of agents will be generated where the placers are arranged in the place node.

And all the agents themself will inherit the shapes, physical and other attributes of the OA.

Place Node

Place Node is a layout arrangement node which we can determin where the agents birth and which type of them. OA type determins the agent type.

Refer the below picture, the entire place node consists many placers around it and the placers locations are determined by the attribute parameters.

Proportion & OA

The agent proportion is the ratio between different agent types in a place node.

For example in a single place node, there are 30% agent type A and 70% agent type B. We can arrange it with the Placement Editor.

The agent types are determined by the OA types, each type of OA can generate one type of agents. Edit Proportion

Placement Editor


Place is the process of generating the agents from place nodes and OAs.

Look at the below picture, place process use the Place Node and OAs in the left picture to generates initial agents in the right picture, the locations and proportions are accroding to the place node setup.

Agents can be placed with tool Populate Agents from Pace Node

generate agents from Place Node and OAs

In the sections later on, it will focus on the place node and proportion setup tools and explain the details of setting up the placement layout.

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