Miarmy Pro (Linux)

Miarmy Pro Installations:

Please first download the Miarmy Pro (Linux) package from Google Drive

Please contact us if you've already purchased Miarmy Pro

Google Drive

In upgrade package, it includes several plugin files and a folder (It's different from Miarmy Express package)

  • Maya plugins (.so) for each Maya versions
  • "scripts" folder

Please install Miarmy Pro as following steps:

  • (Step 1) Please make sure install Miarmy Express (Linux) (latest version or older same version) and Maya can load it correctly.
  • (Step 2) Replace the "scripts" folder into <install place>/Basefount/Miarmy/maya
  • (Step 3) Put the Maya plugin .so into <install place>/Basefount/Miarmy/maya/plug-ins
  • (Step 4) Unload Miarmy Express
  • (Step 5) Load Miarmy Pro, it may prompt error, please refer below licensing guide:

Miarmy Pro Licensing

Licensing (Node Locked Linux)

Licensing (Unlimited License Linux)

If you already installed the Miarmy and just need to upgrade, please read:

Minor Upgrades