Licensing (Node Locked Linux)

About Miarmy License

Miarmy Licenses are "sn.key" and "miarmy_time.txt" files can bind with some specific hardware of a target machine.

Miarmy Pro will check the license and the machine you're running before loading itself to Maya.


Please make sure your Miarmy Express has been installed and loaded in Maya without problem. Miarmy Express (Linux)

Upgrade to Miarmy Pro correctly. Miarmy Pro (Windows)

Licensing Steps

    1. Put the "miarmy_time.txt" into the plugin path, the same as .so file

Put the timestamp into the plugin folder

    2. Please put Miarmy Pro to your Miarmy installation directory <Miarmy Installation Place>/maya/plug-ins. (Namely, the same place of Miarmy Express SO)

Put .so at the same place of Miarmy Express

    3. Obtain your machine valid network card name and address (by command "ifconfig –a")

Use "ifconfig –a" to get the ethernet name and address

    4. Send us the above information (network card name and the address) so than we can generate a license for you and send back the "sn.key"

    5. Put the "sn.key" in the /opt (or /usr or /home) directory

Put the "sn.key" at /opt, (or /usr or /home)

    6. If no problem, it can be loaded correctly and show the message.