What's New in 3.0

(Note: The new features from Miarmy 2.5 to Miarmy 3.0)

CCD - Continuous Collision Detection (Continuous Collision Detection (CCD))

CCT - Character Controller (Character Controller (CCT))

New Cloth Engine based on PhysX 3.3 (Cloth Simulation)

Arnold DSO support PhysX Cloth

V-Ray DSO support PhysX Cloth

V-Ray DSO replace shader (Replace Assets Shader)

Render LOD (Level of Details Setup)

V-Ray DSO for 3DS MAX (V-Ray to 3ds Max)

Global Reseed Control (Global Re-seed Control)

Global Geometries Weight Control (Geometry Weight Control)

Real Time Display Intel TBB based Skinning (Real Time Display)

Missile + Delete (Rigid Body Contact Event)

RBD Indexing Upgrade

RBD Collide name check

RBD Field Feeling

RBD Kinematic Mode (Laser Simulate)

Agent emit RBD bomb

Combo Agent (Slave Channel) (Slave Control (Combo))

Combine Dynamical Bones (Compound RBD Bones)

Servo Force Engine (Servo Force)

New Tutorials

Default Terrain Push Problem

Fix Transform by Copy Skin

Pairing Placement