What's New in 4.2

Major Performance and Productivity Improvements

  • OpenGL display frame rate (viewport 1) in Miarmy 4.2 is 6X-8X faster than that of Miarmy 4.0
    • This gives us smooth viewport experience even if we have tens of thousands of agents, which used to make Miarmy 4.0 very difficult to work with
    • We are on track to enhance the display performance even further later in Viewport 2.0
  • Miarmy internal node communication method (EDT) upgraded and on average this gives us 15% speed up for most simulation logic
  • 2X performance improvement for static action based crowd simulation, the static behavior can greatly benefit scenes such as stadiums and squares
  • Speed up 5X when exporting Arnold and V-Ray render contents, now we can easily render crowd scene filled with tons of thousands of agents without long wait
  • Placement is 6X faster; placement anti-overlap is now 3X-10X (depending on the number of agents) faster, placement node gets optimized and it automatically disables anti-overlap when unnecessary
  • Transition map is now more user-friendly and easy to work with
    • Auto selection tool switching
    • Real time update when dragging nodes in transition map window
    • Mouse right click menu
  • More friendly agent information feedback mechanism
    • UI will always facing to viewer
    • HP/MP attribute, agent and brain attributes. And more to come
  • Blendshape render expanded to Arnold/V-Ray DSO Mode
  • Blendshape is more stable now with some feedback
  • Layer Cache is more flexible and multiple placement can be cached at the same time with marking dead working


Miscellaneous Upgrades

Compatible with Maya 2016 in Windows, Linux & Mac

  • V-Ray for Maya 3.1 Support (Maya 2014 – 2016)
  • V-Ray 3.2 3DS Max Support (3DS Max 2014 – 2016)
  • V-Ray render offset frames
  • V-Ray bounding box bug fixed
  • V-Ray batch mode is now more friendly
  • Renderman weight file bug fixed
  • Aim placement now supports random orientation
  • Arnold/v-ray deforming shape adding flag issue fixed
  • Auto active decision, action, and
  • Added scale in input language
  • Easier brain share selection tool
  • IK lock with scale now working
  • UV pin bug fixed and is now more accurate
  • Action can stop in story list if we mark it "final action"
  • Aim language can now be inverse direction
  • 3ds max rendering, bounding box preview support
  • cct + missile crash bug
  • Auto ik can work with scene without terrain
  • Auto avoid tool can prevent agent from pushing forward/backward