What's New in 6.2

Easy Cache Editing Solution

After simulation and caching, we can easily fix some small bugs of simulation by grouping and editing tools. 

And in the new version, we updated it and make it support layer cache and allow the agents inside it are able to adapt terrain.

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Exit Trigger

We can use logic to control which action the agent will select to transit to next action in transition map along with exit trigger.

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Flocking System

Agents now are able to mimic the orientation of nearby group of agents and achieve the flocking behavior, this can be highly frequently used in animals simulation like birds, fishes or sheep.

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Auto Fight System

2 armies can auto fight each other now, charge, meet, aim and attack can be automatically calculated by our direct logic engine.

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Geometry Defined Spot

Now we can define the spot by geometry. The target point won't be spot again, it can be random points distributed inside the geometry, we can use it sculpt the shape of agent flock.

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New Action Proxy Method

New Action Proxy tool has been involved into the new version, we can easily check the action and tweak the transition of actions much easier than before.

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Colorize and Randomize Real Time Display

Before rendering, we can use the real time display tool to preview agents geometries and see is everything all right. And in  this new version, we introduced randomize geometry and color on this display geometries.

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Redshift Fully Support

Redshift renderer now can read the shader of each geometry and render everything correct.

New Transition Map and Brain Viewer

We bring a new QT based Transition Map and Brain View (in Maya 2018), it makes easier to debug your agents.


  • Redshift Upgrade and Support 2.5
  • Maya 2018 Support for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Arnold 2.0 2.1 Crypto Support
  • Footmap Baking upgraded to selection agents
  • Prman batch export tool
  • Maya 2018 Real Time Display Culling
  • Viewport 2.0 Brighness error in Maya 2018



Bug Fixes:

  • Clone Cache not work when multiple placement with Logic
  • Inverse Placement crash when agent number exceed 32000
  • Clone Crash without real agent placement
  • Mesh Drive error when geometry no shader
  • Negtive Frame error with Sine and Cosine Logic Function
  • 3DS Max Catalog File Reading



Known Issue:

  • Maya 2018 wireframe on shaded cannot
  • Arnold 2.0 is very slow to render, 2.1 is good!
  • De-place agent in viewport 1 will be slow if used viewport 2.0
  • Switch Viewport 2.0 and deplace will be much faster