Minor Upgrades

Sometimes we'll send you a separated package for upgrading or fixing some stuffs.

This package is usually dedicated prepared for you and not our official release due to the timeline, so that you cannot find the download path in public.

We always share this type of minor upgrades with google drive "client share" folder or directly email attachment.

It usually be an RAR or ZIP package, and contains some files as below pictures:

minor upgrade package (zip or rar)

And when you receive this, please upgrade your Miarmy by following steps:

There will be 2 files inside this attached package:

  1. maya plugins (.so files)
  2. scripts folder

(Step 1) Please put the Maya plugin into <install place>/Basefount/Miarmy/maya/plug-ins
(Step 2) Please replace the entire "scripts" folder to <install place>/Basefount/Miarmy/maya

After that, restart Maya for testing the upgrade.