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Character Controller (CCT)


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From Miarmy 3.0, we integrated the PhysX Character Controller (CCT) which is a very powerful feature in PhysX engine.

If you're interested in what is the PhysX CCT and under the hood, please read this PhysX CCD Doc



What is CCT?

CCT is a bi-directional kinematical object.

If we enable CCT, system will create a CCT object for that specific agent.

  • CCT's movement is controlled by the agent movement, 
  • It can influence the agent if the condition met, such as fall down, avoid collide, step up etc.

Please notice the pictures below, in the left image, the yellow line is the origin line of agent, and the CCT will be created above it. The CCT's bottom will be align the origin line of agent. Also the CCT's radius can be adjusted.

And in the right picture, the blue sphere is the CCT entity for the running agent.

left: the red cycle is a CCT, right: CCT in production

What the CCT can do?

Miarmy CCT is able to control the agents and make agents interactive each other or environment based on the physical rules.

CCT can do these job:

  1. Walk on dynamics: Make agents can walk on any physical objects, for example: 
    1. dynamic bridge 
    2. kinematical dynamic agent such as bridge agent
    3. stack of dynamical bodies. 
    4. deforming terrain. 
  2. Walk on other CCT: Make agents can walk on other agents and forming the stack of agent
  3. Avoid dynamics: Avoid each other of agents based on physical rules in both 2D or 3D space.


How can we Use it?

Enable CCT

If we want to enable CCT for specific agent, we just need enable it in output channel


When the logic value is higher than 1, the CCT will be created. and once the logic output value less than 1, the CCT will be deleted.

When the agent enable dynamics, the CCT will be removed also.



CCT walk on Dynamical objects

CCT enabled agent can walk on other agent CCT object by themself.

agents walk on other agents by CCT object


Also, the CCT enabled agents can walk on any kinematical object or terrain, automatically.

Agents walk on kinematic object


The reason behind this is because CCT will automatically avoid penetration into other CCTs or any kinematic objects. We call them "step on"

left: step on, right: too high to step on


CCT Radius Setup

CCT's radius can be setup in the agent group node. 

setup the radius in Agent Group node

the radius of CCT sometime can influence:

  • The result of stacking
  • Bigger radius can prevent agent fall down when encounter a crack


The CCT radius as 5 and 10




CCT walk on Dynamical Agents

CCT enabled agent can walk on agents dynamical body when we set the CCT collide on.

For example. we have 2 types of agents, bridge and man, if we want our agents walk on the bridge agents, we have to enable the bridge agent CCT collide.

turn the bridge dynamical object collide on

now the agents with CCT can walk on bridge


agent walk on the dead bodies


CCT is extreme easy to use please watch our video tutorial and download the sample for getting more steps references.




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