What's New in 4.5



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Juming on multiple trees with random actions (Jump System)

V-Ray User Attributes Support (V-Ray User Attribute)

Smooth UV Pin and Curve Pin (Smooth Re-landing UV/Curve Pin)

Geometry Logic (Geometry Logic)

2 Sides Road (2 Sides Road)

Viewport 2 Full Support

Cloth Optimization & Acceleration (Cloth simulation reset with 3X speed up)



Crash when load Miarmy 

Mesh Drive using Real Agent ID, fixed the bug when using cloth randomize when Mesh Drive Render

Agent Simulation Attribute can be setup randomly

Crash when Maya batch mode

Arnold Motion blur length can be setup

Udim for V-Ray DSO mode

Udim for 3delight mode

Road can be setup very high Maya unit

V-Ray DSO bug in version 3.1, UV issue

CCT root can be setup move

Action group keep seed no change in different group.

arnold bbox warning 

3delight shader set

Particle follow script added

2 side roads

disable scale transform date in action when agent scale

batch make multiple layers cache