Geometry Defined Spot

General Introduction

We can define the shape for the spot by linking a geometry to it, and then we can have our crowds follow this geometry-defined spot and change the shape of crowd to the shape of geometry.

Also, we can deform or animate this spot, make the crowd follow deforming and animating it. 

Under the hood, the agent will follow the random points in the geometry shape instead of single spot position.

If shape deform, the points distribution will be changed accroding to the shape contour.


Create a geometry, make sure the geoemtry topology relatively smooth.

Create a regular spot Spot

Parent the geometry to the spot

Turn on the geometry mode on attribute the spot object

And with the regular setup (follow spot) in direct logic, agent can follow the random points in the geometry (make it 3d space if you're simulating birds or fishes)

  • follow spot[0] priority 1
  • I'm 3d creature

We can animate or deform this spot, the crowd will be updated based on the follow logic.

Also it is able to work with other logic like aovid other spot or avoid each other.