Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Learning Roadmap


This roadmap lists all useful steps can guide you from scratch starting learn Miarmy to reaching all of the contents.

Usually, you can grab the main concept in an hour and know most of the workflow in a day and you can master most stuffs of Miarmy and apply them into your real projects in 1 week.

1. Quick Start (5 Videos & 30 Mins)

Quick start guide contains the main concept and workflow of Miarmy, which covers entire pipeline from modeling to rendering.

Quick Start

2. Simple Tutorials (40 Videos & 5 Hours)

Simple Tutorials introduce the most high frequently used tools and features of Miarmy. Also it convers the entire crowd pipeline from modeling to rendering.

And there are 40 video tutorials and associated sample scenes:

Simple Tutorials

3. Advanced Tutorials (50+ Videos & 1 week) 

A list of very comprehensive videos.

After understanding the workflow and concept in step 1  and step 2 above, you can dive into this section and learn more in-depth tools with advanced tutorials.

And there are more than 50 video tutorials and associated sample scenes:

Advanced Tutorials

4. Ready to Run

After you master the basic things of Miarmy, you can download our samples and agent library and reference or directly use them.

(1) Useful Tutorials

Some tutorials frequently asked by our clients Frequent Tutorials

(2) Agents Library: Ready to Run agents

Some ready to run agents created by us.

Stadium, Ambient, Ancient Battle, Zombies, ect Download Link

(3) Official Samples

Some advanced samples created by us Download Link

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