Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Re-randomize Seeds

There are some re-randomize seeds which we can control, let us take a look at them.

Action Playback

Action Group

Use the language directly in decision node.
Action playback -> select and play one action from group:??(<seed>) priority 1
Action playback -> play action randomly from group:??(<seed>) priority 1

re-randomize example for specific action group (seed offset 3) for randomly pick

re-randomize example for specific action group  (seed offset 5) for selection mode


Action Entry Point

The action entry point can be randomized by attribute in action editor.

randomize entry point from 0~80 with seed offset 3



Global Reseed

Using Global Reseed Editor, you can easily edit some individual agents' seed offsets (Global Re-seed Control)


Scene-level Re-Randomize Geometry & Texture

We can offset the randomize geometries and textures for entire scene.

Go into Miarmy Tools Editor  or Miarmy > Miarmy Tools change the seed offset values for getting scene-level re-randomize

Reseed for scene-level re-randomize texture and geometries

Re-randomize results




Re-randomize the proportion distribution

place node proportion re-seed












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