What's New in 3.2

(Note: The new features from Miarmy 3.0 to Miarmy 3.2)

Contact Dyn Pin Any Dynamics (Contact & Pin Dynamics)

Place from Texture (Place from Texture)

Terrain Color Perception (Terrain Texture Feeling)

Procedural render for deforming object (Render Blendshape or Cached Geometries)

More level select geo (Advanced Geometries Randomize)

Variable Control Geometries Selection (Agent Variable for Geometry Selection)

Walk on Same Type Dynamical Agents (Walk on Same Type Dynamical Agent)

Read Geometry Python (Get Render Geometry by Command)

Fastest speed limitation for RBD (Fastest Speed Limit of Rigid Body)

Percent Place (Placement Percentage)

Phase Based Action Transition (Cycle Phase Based Transition)

Servo Auto Accumulate Weight


New Tutorials

5 Steps to Build Perfect Physical Character

Still Fur Render by Proxy

Agent Seed Attribute

Arnold and Shave Fur