Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

3D Box Placement

3D Box Placement Type

When we Create Place Node, the default place type of the node is 3D-Box, it's a formation based distribution.

3D box type distribution can be 2D and 3D space (blow picture), if there is only 1 layer, it will be 2D, usually we use it to place the initial agents on the ground

And if set it to multiple layers, it can be extended into 3D space, then it can be used to populate agents in space, like birds and fishes.

Placement Types

3D Box placement type (Left) 2D (Right) 3D

There are a lot of attributes in channel box we can tweak for the 3D box placement.


3D Box Mode (3 layers)

3D Box Mode (only 1 layer)


The "noise" for position randomize


The "angle" determine the entire rotation for formation place type


The "orient" determines each single rotate uniformly

Orient Random

The "orientRandom" determines the random orient of each single place unit


The "column" determines how many columns for a formation placement

Refer the placement related attributes: Place Node Attributes

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