Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Terrain Attachment

Terrain Attachment Example

For Multiple Place Types

Terrain attachment works in Y direction, it modifies the translate Y value of each placer and not conflict placer's distribution in horizontal position (translate X/Z)

That means no matter what place type (3D-Box, curve, mesh based etc) the place node is, it can be attached to terrain. .

To attach place to terrain:

  1. First make sure freeze transformation a plane-like geometry  (clear all translate, rotate, scale values, usually use Maya Modify > Freeze Transformations).
  2. Then, first select place node, and the geometry secondly, click Miarmy > Placement > Attach Terrain

Working together with curve place and terrain, you can achieve more distribution layouts.

Terrain Attachment + Curve Placement

Terrain Attachment + Formation Placement

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