Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Particle Based Placement


Agents can be placed from particles.

Since the particles can be emitted by emitter with many methods, so that, the placement can be very flexible.

Also the agents can follow the particles by logic control, this will be talked later in logic part Particle Follow

Create place node from particles


  • First create some particles, and select the particle node, generate a place node from it, Miarmy > Placement > Create Place Node From > Particle 3D

Emit the particles from texture and distribute

Placement PosLock Mode

The place node generated from particle node will automatically switched to "custom" place mode, usually we cannot do any modification with the UI on the place node which place type is custom

To do some further modifications this type of place node, such as setup the proportion and orientation, we need to switch the place node to "PosLock" mode.

Please refer the Position Lock Mode in next section Placement PosLock Mode

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