Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

What's New in 5.1

Image Courtesy Primefocus World House Full 3

We redesigned and added a new automation engine (Read More on What's New in 5.0) into Miarmy and simplified many previous nodes works into much less nodes and simpler languages. These upgrades and features can tremendously decrease the difficultly of crowd production and increase productivity without losing any of flexibilities of previous Miarmy. 

And in Miarmy 5.1, we extended this automation capability into 3D space creatures.

New Features

  • Automate Collision Avoidance for 3D
  • Automate 3D Path Detection
  • Automate Spot Detection in 3D Space
  • Automate Geometry Logic and Avoid
  • Automate Body Balancing
  • Better Priority control for Direct Engine.


  • draw optimize for far agents

Bug Fixes

  • Path cannot be focus
  • Bug of priority of Direct Engine

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