Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Deforming Kinematic Primitive


Sometimes you need to deform the kinematic primitives for achieving some results. For example the moving cars.

In the previous versions of Miarmy, it unifiedly controlled by an option ("Update Kine Prim Shape") in Miarmy Physics Global. That means if you enable this option, all kinematic primitives will be updated at once each frame when playing simulation. However there is a bug for this, when we pin some agents on a fixed kinematic object, and others kinematics objects need to deform, it will cause fixed kinematic object cannot hold the fixed agents.

To solve this problem, from this versioin, each kinematic primitive has a McdKinePrim node associated with it, and we can select this node and enable/disable the "isDeforming" attribute independently.

Also we remove the "Update Kine Prim Shape" from Physics Global, the old features has been totally eliminated.


On each associated kinematic primitive objects, we can select the McdKinePrim node.

McdKinePrim node associated with kinematic primitive object

And we can independently adjust this "isDeforming" attribute.

independent isDeforming attribute

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