Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Agent Delete Mesh


In some cases there are some buildings among a group of agents, the agents in the area of build should be removed. But we don't want to use the "inverse placement" (Inverse Placement). The 2 reasons are:

  1. Once we turn the place node into inverse placement, some features of place node won't functioning.
  2. If the position buildings are changed, we cannot continue edit the place from inverse placement, so it is very time-consuming to redo the place node.

Like the below image, there is a group of agents and we don't want to place them inside the building area no matter where we put the building or place node.

So we can use the Delete Zone.

Place node and building


Create a polygon plane and put the plane the same place of the building among the agents.

This plane can be translated, rotated or scaled, and its components (faces, points) can be edited.

Extracted Zone

Select the plane and click: Miarmy > Placement > Mark Mesh as Delete Zone

Then when you place the agents, the agents inside the marked zone will be automatically removed.

delete zone

Attribute we added onto the shape node of the mesh, turn on/off the feature of delete zone

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