Zombies Hill

Tutorial Files (Google Drive)


In this example, we want to achieve a group of zombies climb up along the wall like a hill. 

It looks difficult but simple in fact, let's dig it out.

If we think this deeper, you could found there should be 2 groups of agents.

  • One group of agents form a hill-like stack pile, these agents wont move just wriggling on the hill (green layer in below image)
  • One group of agent run and climb up to this hill (blue layer in below image)

In our example scene, we have 2 groups of agents, the orange and blue ones. The orange agents will be placed on the hill and wriggling there without locomotion, and they forms a shell.

And the blue group of agents will run toward the shell and climp along the hill.

Let's first look at the orange agents. They will be placed from the polygon mesh, and the method is the exactly the same as Men-man.

We need to create the follicles and use some scripts parent constrain the agents into the follicles, then generate a new place node from the well-placed agents.

And these agents will be placed and toward the top of the hill

The logic of this orange group agent are also very simple. Just a group of action playback in action group. The just wriggling on spot without moving to any direction

And let's take a look at the 2nd blue group of agents. We place them like the below picture and make it follow the terrain.

And we also, we need to build some scene perception elements for make the agents can feel the environment correctly.

We want our agent run along the terrain, and then climb to the hill toward the target spot, then if the agent reach the top and enter the bound, it will turn to dynamics ragdoll and be pushed by a force outside the hill.

And their logic setup is:

  • On the ground (zone 1)
    • run toward the spot
    • follow the terrain
    • avoid each other
  • On the hill (zone 2)
    • climb toward the top of hill
    • climb with different actions
    • when enter into the bound, enable dynamics
    • there is a push force field, push the dyanmics agent outward a little bit.

And we can simulate and cache 700 frames, and start shooting it from the frame 500