Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Lock Dynamical Bones on Geometry

General Introduction

Now we can lock the dynamic segments onto the geometry, then we can deform the geometry by cloth simulation or skin-bone key frames, achieve more controllable result.


Let's make a bound and enable agent dynamics when they enter it.

We can lock some bones (segments) on the closest points of specific geometries.

The geometry need to be freeze on transformation and can be deformed by any deformer

Use Logic: dynamics > lock dynamics bone:<bone> to geometry:<geometry>

  • <bone> which joint should be lock on geometry
  • <geometry> which geometry lock the segment (notice, we need to use the shape node name)

The bone name should be the first part of original agent bone

We can fill the sentence like this:

When simulation, the agent can be pinned onto polygon plane, and the polygon plane are deformed by dynamic joints (maya feature)

Unhide/Hide polygon planes

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