Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Layer Cached Agents as RBD Objects

Simulated 10000 agents enable dynamics and stack together

General Introduction

We can add a collision object to the layer-cached agents and make them to work as rigid body(RBD) collision objects, then these RBDs can continue interactive with other non-cached simulation agents and work as rigid collision objects. With this technique, we can simulation big number of dynamical agents like 10K-30K or more.


For example, there are 2 placement nodes and make 1 place on top of another.

2 place nodes and simulate

Simulate agents in one placement (lower layer in below example), make sure the upper layer of agent can be simulated, and lower layer of agents are controlled by layer cache.

Crank up the RBD radius attribute (0 means turn off) to enable the RBD object on layer cached agents.

Then de-place and place agents again, play the layer cache, you will notice an orange bound is around the agents of which the type enabled "Cache RBDRadiu" parameter.

Then, the above agent can interactive with these bounds, 

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