Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

What's New in 5.5

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Highlight New Features

Clone Agnets

We introduced the Clone feature from Miarmy 5.5. Clone is an intelligence instance. It not only the instance, but also it supports logic simulations. Clone allows users build a large number of simple crowds with intuitive method. Especially in stadium, square or terrain, we can fast deploy huge number of actors for displaying, simulation and rendering.

For dealing with 200K agents in scene, we can get 20X faster in simulation and 100X faster for rendering (currently supports Arnold & V-Ray)

Read more on Agent Clone

Direct Logic Upgrade

In the new version of Miarmy, we finished the Direct Logic Engine. With the new engine, we can skip most of the logic setup, and directly build many logic with simple setup. For example if you want to your actors walk along the road, just tell them “follow the road”. Also, auto avoid and auto fight logic added into the engine.

We re-record all new video tutorials (Learning Roadmap), new videos mostly utilized the Direct Logic.In 90% crowd scene, we can finish the task with this new engine.

Faster Viewport Display & Placement

Redshift Supports

Redshift Render is based on GPU and very popular nowadays, we added this renderer procedural support in this version so that we can render big number of agents in the scene. Redshift Procedural

Minor New Features

  • Expression can be execute after dynamics
  • PP attribute in output language
  • Pipeline scripts for auto action creation and build OA (for too many different
  • Cache Agent Color
  • Blendshape Copy to OA
  • Relative speed input language
  • Auto fight, meet/fight && front near stop


  • Depth first priority full tree in logic tree, more intuitive logic setup method
  • 3 levels of LOD
  • block some agents' RBD target (RBD target can ignore some agents randomly)
  • (Direct Logic) Road rotation speed
  • Lock name and proportions in place node (agent type can swap order)
  • Arnold Opaque fix
  • RBD collide debug nodes
  • Arnold render catalog file
  • Auto avoid (block push left/right)
  • Noise id based on agent id instead of scene index

Bug Fixes

  • Drive Shell bug fix with inverse placement
  • (Direct Logic) zone indexing distance feel not correct
  • Mesh Drive 3 missing type geom stop copying
  • Bounding box small than Arnold render requirement cause render stop
  • Blendshape drive in referencing mode.


Instance Clone Agent & Direct Logic features will be forged together in upcoming Miarmy 6 (July), then, we're able to simulate logic, behaviors and physics with big number of clone army.

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