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  • Multiple default actions support
  • Default Action supports story list
  • IK offset language
  • reference mode supports transition map editing
  • blend action can use the global rate
  • hide/unhide physics joint and OA small feature
  • placement UI support percent setup directly
  • transition choice by trigger name and maya attribute
  • color id is now full match in agent and placement node
  • playback rate speed in transition map
  • IK can skip useless bones and auto combine
  • change color loop scheme for all indexing objects.
  • parse reachable island in transition map, now it's more intelligence
  • uvpin face to front, change the z axis calculate make it non-flip
  • playback without language
  • 3ds max export texture and directly render (need to improve continuely)
  • simple transition supports action group
  • simple transition supports blend
  • Supports Maya 2016.5 and Maya 2017
  • sphere range changed to 0-100 relative value

Bug Fixes

  • Exit Maya crash Maya (use after free issueFix critical program crash issue (resolved by zhinan zeng)
  • sphere based ation sync crash maya without sphere language
  • sphere range relative speed crash maya if order not correct
  • Crash in Miarmy Express license check if export more than 100
  • Crash bug when playback scene without agent
  • send geo to OA now better if it contain transform nodes
  • remove namespace when send geo from referenced rig
  • road, rbd emitter etc bounding box in vp2 not working