Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Blend Shape and Deformation

There are 2 method of blendshape and deformation, one is logic based, one is action based.

Logic Based Blendshape

Blendshape are controlled by logic language, they can be triggerd by language output when input condition true.

For example, when a group of agents in a zone, they start roaring! or if agents in some frame range, they become angry in face.

This method can independently control a group of agent instead all of them.

For more details, please refer:

Logic Controlled Blendshape

Action Based Blendshape

Action based blendshape means we can bake the blendshape into an action.

The benifit of this one is we can make the blendshape an animation. For example we can make a man talking and blinking when it is performing "talk" action. The man's lips and eye and facial animation can be all baked in "talk" action and reoccured when the agent playback action "talk".

The blendshape now is a series of animation instead of a "status"

For more details, please refer:

Action Attribute and Blendshape

How to Render Blendshape

For rendering blendshape or deformation objects, please refer:

Render Blendshape or Cached Geometries

Basefount Technology