Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

What's New in 4.7

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New Features

  • Renewal and reenter action cycle after enabling dynamics (Renewal System)


Small Features or Improvements

  • dynamic simulation can return speed
  • indexing for kinematic primitive like _KINEPRIM_[??]
  • API for render character cache
  • ?? ~ ?? syntax can be regonized in language input
  • ik lock preview slots increased
  • batch mode for exporting v-ray contents
  • contact/pin restricted outside the mesh, for avoiding the jitter caused by collide
  • character cache workflow supports randomize geometries
  • V-Ray render culling
  • foot generate locator with agent type id info
  • substep attribute can be keyable


Bug Fixes

  • crash when real time display with broken/collapsed geometries
  • random entry for action is not very randomized
  • agent return should be applied every frame of v-ray exporting, for making cloth render correctly
  • crash when reset simulation with collide color testing
  • Fix Viewport 2.0 playblast, agent fixed position when camera moving
  • arnold render agent missing error, when agent number is not multiple of 16






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