What's New in 3.5 & 3.6

(Note: New Features from Miarmy 3.2 to Miarmy 3.6)

Miarmy 3.5 New Features

Choose Sequential Texture by Agent ID (Arnold) (Choose Random Textures by ID)

Shading the objects with ground texture (Arnold) (Shading with Polygon Mesh Texture)

Transition in/out with long action (Cycle Phase Based Transition)

Bone Thickness and Length Randomization (OA Bone Randomize Size Length and Thickness)

3DS Max Texutre/Shader Assignment (VRay Max Multi/Sub-Object Shader)

3DS Max Vray Vertex Color Randomize (VRay Random Vertex Color)

Object ID and Multi Matte in Vray (VRay Object ID Render)

Chase the Geometry Surface (Geometry Target Logic)

Reuse Action Node by (Match Name Action Assignment)

Totally Solve the Joint Separation Problem (Violated Fix Joint Error by Projection)

Control the Visibility and Vis-Cache (Visibility Logic)

More Repel Shapes and Area Repel Bound (Box and Sphere) and Repel Geometry

DynamicTime (Scene Info)

Landing on Object Mesh Smoothly (Smooth Targeting UV Pin)

Same type collide avoid (Only Avoid Collide with Same Type)

Control Output Channel By Expression and Scripts (Expression Control)

Check Collide Action (Collide Actions and Action Group)

Partial Simulation and Cache (Distributed Simulation and Layer Cache)

Character Cache Exporters (Companion Exporter)

Arnold Subdvision Mesh Support (Arnold Subdvision Mesh)

Servo force and weight distribution (Servo Action and Weigh Distribute)

New cloth simulation, reset accelerate, and collide more precise

Octane Render Mesh Drive

Better Flocking Control Tools

Miarmy 3.6 Engine Upgrade 

Language Logic Control (Language Logic Reference)

New Transition Map

Better Road Perception Tools