What's New in 4.0

New Features

Auto IK Upgrade for terrain match perfectly (Automatic IK)

CCT auto orientation below agents

Blendshape Solutions

Geometry Vis Render (Geometry Visibility in Action)

Aim Curve Placement (Aim Placement)

Formation Morphing

Curve Pin (Curve Pin)

Auto IK and foot inverse control pelvis (Auto IK and foot inverse control pelvis)

New IK Lock tools

Width controllable road (Width controllable road)

Width controllable path (Width Controllable Path)

Arbitrary Shape Kinematic Primitive (Arbitrary Shape Kinematic Primitive)

Particle System

  • Per particle attribute
  • Particle pp attr directly put translate and rotate.

Simulation on top of Cache (Layer Cache Input Mode)

Use pre-build/simulation attribute control the texture selection (Select Texture Render by Attribute)


Refactoring Render Engine 

  • Arnold
  • Vray
  • RenderMan


  • Big number agents support
  • VRay-3 Support
  • Maya 2016 Support
  • Mesh Drive Support Referencing