Miarmy Crowd Simulation Documentation (English)

Place from Texture

The agents can be placed from terrain texture color. 

This tool allows us both arrange initial agents from existed texture or Maya painter tool.


  1. Create a place node and adjust the number of agents which you want to place
  2. Attach this place node to polygon mesh (as terrain)
  3. Swift the "place type" to "custom" mode
  4. Paint the texture on polygon mesh or just assign a painted texture (grayscale)
  5. Update the place node.


In this example, we're going to introduce how to use paint tool to create placement on a helix object.

Step 1

Create a place node and

  1. set its agent number (ignore anything else) like below picture shown.
  2. switch the Place Type to "custom" mode

Step 2

Create a helix primitive object and then clear its transform, like below image:

Step 3

Attach this place node to this helix

Step 4

We must create a new material (cannot draw paint on the default material). Here we assign it a favorite material to it.

And then assign a texture on to it, 


Step 5

Flood it to black and draw white or grayscale color on to it (like below picture)

Step 6

Select the helix and hit update 2d/3d, the place node will go to it.

Miarmy > Placement > Update Texture Place 2D or Miarmy > Placement > Update Texture Place 3D

Step 7

Repeat the step 5 and 6 fine-tune to getting the best result.

You can also adjust the number of agent to gett better result.

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